“House of Eternal Return” by Meow Wolf

Inside Meow Wolf’s ‘House of Eternal Return’ (photo by the author Adele Oliveira for Hyperallergic) via Hyperallergic


A house built within a house by artist collective Meow Wolf on a scale reminiscent of Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro’s famous/infamous “Womanhouse.”


It’s always nighttime here, since the “House of Eternal Return” has no direct access to sunlight–-a feat seemingly straight out of Tim Burton’s Coraline (2009). The eerily empty home transcends our reality and pokes at other worlds as the floors seem to move and the refrigerator appears to provide uninhibited access to that other world in a kitchen not unlike Sara Goldfarb’s in Requiem For a Dream (2000). “House of Eternal Return” in Santa Fe is quite the sight to see, and eerie to engage, in a city ultimately yearning for youth involvement.


Inside Meow Wolf’s ‘House of Eternal Return’ (photo courtesy Meow Wolf) via Hyperallergic


1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe

via Hyperallergic

article by Adele Oliveira, March 25, 2016


This same post, a summary and response to the Adele Oliveira’s Hyperallergic article, is also featured on Jo’s Art Historical Curiosities tumblr blog.


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